What skills should I be working on?

How do I want/intend to live my life? I intend to live my life comfortably, pleasurably, motivated by love, and doing things that give me satisfaction. Living from a beautiful, bountiful, abundant state of mind. I like feeling complete. There are areas of my life that I feel are not complete. I find pleasure and fulfillment from working towards completion. I recognize an impulsiveness that can often take away/distract me from completion. I also notice food/taking snack breaks as a method/manifestation of this tendancy. When I get close or have the opportunity to be with my self, the best thing I can do is to sit with, listen to, reflect on, write about, and/or learn from whatever is here. I have been feeling incomplete & detached because I have not been spending time with my self when the perfect opportunities arise. I am the keys to my own success, I am the answers to all the seemingly tough questions. I am the roadmap through life's journey. I am exactly what I want, and the best skill to be improving is being me; following my dreams, my passions, my interests, my truths, and my desires. Everything else is an illusion.





What skills should I be working on?


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