Master Consciousness

I want to master my consciousness...

I will be the master of consciousness...

No... I will live and operate from master consciousness.

I recognize the ego that wants and chooses based on thoughts and emotions. I also recognize a part of me that is beyond thought and emotion. It always can be heard but is seldom listened to... The voice of the heart is what I choose to guide me. A lot of my ambitions are founded by fear and greed. I am not very good at them because there is a missing piece of myself which cannot allow me to thrive in these areas. I can force myself to do certain things even for some great time; my mind is very strong and persuasive. However far I get I am always yearning for a path of lesser resistance. Resistance from the external is natural and to be expected, yet the resistance from within is what keeps me stranded and unfulfilled. I declare my surrender to my heart. I declare that I will follow my calling which is guided not by money, success, fame or any other hollow leisure and only truth, freedom, and authenticity.

My heart and my soul are the guide for me. And I will be here as a lighthouse to guide others in their journey, if they so choose and wish. I release myself from the shackles of victim consciousness. I release myself from the anxiety, the worry, the desire, and the games of cat and mouse with my ego. I resolve myself from regret, and fear of choosing wrong. I can walk with faith along a path projected by my highest self.

Into the light I will follow; leading my way.

What this means is taking the hints from my soul when it knows what to do and actually acting out the instructions. For instance, I just got the hint that it is time to go to bed. Instead of prolonging my bed-time and procrastinating by continued web-surfing, I will take the action to go to bed... So, good night :)